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Baserow's next 4 Weeks in ActiveCampaign

Dear Business Owner

As our 30-day post-project support winds down, we wanted to chat with you about what's next.

Working together these past weeks, we co-created a system that will turn your subscribers into sales.

But here's the thing... 


is needed

Without ongoing maintenance, there's no guarantee that it will stay that way. And that's where things start to get interesting.


Neglecting the system costs

We've seen first hand the consequences of neglecting their Lead Nurturing system - leads falling through the cracks, missed sales opportunities, and stalled growth.


It's Not
Set & Forget

Without proper care, the system can easily become inefficient and lose its ability to convert leads into qualified sales opportunities.

We're not saying this to scare you, of course.

But we do want to make sure that you're aware of the importance of maintaining your system. After all, you've invested time, money, and energy into creating something special. And we want to help you keep it that way.

That's why we've put together a guide that covers everything you need to know to keep your system performing at its peak.

It's a roadmap that will help you avoid common pitfalls and keep your system thriving.

We've also identified some potential growth opportunities that we believe you'll be interested in, and we can't wait to share them with you.

I hope it helps!


The Next 4 Weeks:

Your ActiveCampaign
Maintenance Responsibilities

As your prospects live and breathe, so must your ActiveCampaign

The strategies that work today, won’t always work. What your prospects respond to will change, and you’ll need to change with it.

That means constantly monitoring the system's capability to deliver results. Identifying problems and taking action to restore that capability.

In truth, maintaining your ActiveCampaign is no less important than developing it.

But make no mistake, there will be new responsibilities for you.

Your new responsibilities
are looming

As the person who has worked with us on this ActiveCampaign project, you have a great understanding of the system. But with this knowledge comes responsibility.

You are now the go-to person in your company for all ActiveCampaign-related issues.

This means you may be called upon to troubleshoot various issues that can derail your day and take up your valuable time.

And if it’s not you who is going to do it, then you’ll have to find someone else.

Your Options for Delegating ActiveCampaign

Option 1:

Do it yourself

Now, you're a smart person, and given enough time, you could figure it all out. However, the problem is that there's no time to waste.

And speaking frankly, if optimizing email was easy or you had the time for it, you wouldn’t have hired us in the first place

So, the question is, who will get hands-on with your system without delay?

Option 2:

Hire a freelancer on Upwork

Let's face it, recruiting an ActiveCampaign specialist from Upwork to maintain your system might seem like a cost-effective solution, but it's far from the truth.

Firstly, the process of recruiting is not only time-consuming but also extremely difficult. You'll have to spend countless hours screening, interviewing, and onboarding them.

Secondly, they'll need to spend weeks getting up to speed with your system, which means you'll end up paying for their learning curve.

With rates starting at $50 an hour for a true specialist, it's easy to see how this option can quickly become expensive. But don't worry, in the next section, we'll show you some better alternatives that won't break the bank.

Option 3:

Find someone in-house

Sure, you might be lucky enough to have a talented and hardworking employee in your company who can take on the responsibility of managing your ActiveCampaign system.

But let's face it, they likely have other responsibilities and won't have the same level of expertise as a dedicated ActiveCampaign specialist.

You'll end up spending more time training and troubleshooting with them than actually saving time.

In the end, it usually isn't the most efficient solution for maintaining a high-performing ActiveCampaign system.

Here's something
to consider:

Mastering the complexities of CRMs, email marketing, marketing automation, and sales optimization is no easy feat.

It demands a specific skill set that often takes years of experience to develop, and that's why Email Marketing and Automation Managers can earn salaries as high as $100k annually.

The Tasks That Need To Be Done

To give you an idea of the tasks that need to be done, here’s a small selection:

Building and updating automations

Monitoring and analyzing campaign performance

Creating and optimizing lead capture forms

Managing contact lists and cleaning up inactive contacts

Integrating with other marketing tools and platforms

Implementing and testing new features and functionality

Providing training and support to team members

Staying up-to-date with ActiveCampaign updates and best practices.

Setting up and managing automated email campaigns

Creating and managing lead scoring rules

A/B testing and optimizing email subject lines and content

Segmenting and organizing contacts based on behavior and demographics

Troubleshooting technical issues and errors in the system

Configuring and managing ActiveCampaign CRM functionality

Upgrading and managing sales pipelines and automation

Ensuring compliance with email marketing regulations and best practices

Implementing and managing advanced tracking and analytics

Developing and maintaining custom reports and dashboards

Maintaining your email deliverability and inbox placement rates

Strategizing and implementing new marketing or process automations

So, you've seen the (incomplete) list of tasks required to maintain and optimize your ActiveCampaign system. It's a lot, right?

But don't worry, there's another solution.

As the team who built the system for you, we can do it.

Option 4:

Let us do it

By delegating your ActiveCampaign responsibilities to us, you can avoid the frustration and time-sink of dealing with issues that could derail your day.

Instead, with just one email, you can trust that we'll take care of everything so you can focus on the important stuff that drives your business forward.


Why Our Team Is Perfect

The perks of collaborating with our team of experts:

We built your system

We already understand how the system works, so there’s no need to spend time explaining it to another person.

We already have the logins

There’s no need to share your admin login or spend time creating a new, restricted-access login for someone new.

We already know your business

You don’t have to start afresh, explaining your tech stack, who your clients are, and what content resonates with them.

More than just completing tasks

We maintain and optimize your ActiveCampaign project, transitioning neutral subscribers into active, high-value customers.

Zero hours hiring or training

Just send us a message when you need something and we'll take care of it (without breaking anything or needing your help).

No new responsibilities for you

We'll cover all your bases (without you asking) and take these responsibilities off your plate, instead of adding to them.

Direct access to ActiveCampaign’s private support team

As Certified ActiveCampaign Partners, we get priority support should we find a bug and need it fixed before your clients notice.

ActiveEngine - ActiveCampaign Agency Partner

Certified ActiveCampaign Partner

As partners with ActiveCampaign, we know about problems and new features before anyone else, so we'll make sure you're taken care off ahead of any disruption.

Tasks You'll Get To Avoid By Choosing ActiveEngine

10+ hours trying to find and hire an ActiveCampaign expert

2-4 hours of onboarding calls and back and forth emails while they learn

5-20 hours teaching them how everything works

5-20 hours a month assigning tasks, checking their work and managing them


ActiveAssist By Active Engine

Unlimited Support, Maintenance, and Optimization for your Active Campaign

ActiveAssist is the most comprehensive, ROI-focused ActiveCampaign service on the planet, engineered to make EVERY critical part of your nurturing funnel more profitable from Day 1.

But first, you should know this - ActiveAssist is not for everyone. Two things had to happen for us to make this offer:

We just completed your ActiveCampaign project.
We want to keep working with you (we don’t send this to everyone). You’re one of those people we love to work with, and we don’t want this to be the end.

With just a few clicks today, you can let us take over the responsibilities of managing ActiveCampaign, keeping your lead engine purring.

We’ll fix failed logins, train your people and make sure they’re using the system the right way.

But most importantly, we’ll keep optimizing your ActiveCampaign to consistently deliver qualified discovery calls long into the future.

But that’s not all. There’s one HUGE reason why ActiveAssist is different from anything else…

ActiveAssist is the ONLY ActiveCampaign support 
option that doesn’t need you to manage it

Because we built your ActiveCampaign system,
we know better than anyone how to make it play nice.

Our Aim

The main goal of our ActiveAssist is to help your business generate an additional yearly revenue of up to 7 figures with just an extra 30-60 minutes of laser-focused, highly efficient, “ActiveCampaign time” each week.

With just a few clicks today, you can let us take over the responsibilities of managing ActiveCampaign, keeping your lead engine purring.

Here's what you get with ActiveAssist:

Insider Access to ActiveCampaign

We are a Certified ActiveCampaign partner which means that:

We get insider access to new features months in advance, so your system won’t be affected when they roll out.
We know about problems as soon as they arise (and sometimes before), so they’ll be fixed instantly.
We get private, priority support from ActiveCampaign’s “A-Team” so you get faster responses.
ActiveEngine - ActiveCampaign Agency Partner

Unlimited Support

You no longer need to solve ActiveCampaign issues on your own. 

Send us as many tasks as you need
We'll get them done within a 48-hour period.

Monthly 94-Point Account Audit

You’ll get an audit report each month, showing how your ActiveCampaign is performing against our 94-point best practices criteria.

We’ll use that to zero in on any potential issues before they get real and fix them before they disrupt achieving your monthly goals.
This guarantees you stay compliant, that emails get opened, clicked and that your prospects get nurtured.
This ensures your ActiveCampaign remains as robust as the day we completed your project.

Monthly Performance Analysis

There’s a lot of data being processed in ActiveCampaign, but this report will let you separate the signal from the noise.

We get insider access to new features months in advance, so your system won’t be affected when they roll out.
We know about problems as soon as they arise (and sometimes before), so they’ll be fixed instantly.
We get private, priority support from ActiveCampaign’s “A-Team” so you get faster responses.

Ongoing Optimization

Using the insights from your Performance Analysis report, we'll implement new strategies to sustain and improve the performance of your ActiveCampaign.

A/B Tests to increase open rates, click-through rates, and get more discovery call booked.
Implementing new ActiveCampaign features to increase conversion rates
Automating key workflow steps to save you more time and avoid busywork.

Deliverability Management

We’ll make sure your emails reach inboxes consistently.

We use enterprise-level software that big brands use to get delivered (at no additional cost to you).
From monitoring your sending reputation, maintaining your list quality, and auditing your email content, your emails will avoid being marked as spam.
We'll make sure you preserve your domain reputation and avoid being blacklisted, by managing your contact engagement.

Contact Segmentation

We’ll take your Master Contact List and segment it into targeted sub-lists and then maintain those segmented lists for you.

With a segmented email list, we’ll personalize your emails to each group, which is proven to deliver up to 760% more revenue than non-segmented campaigns.

Pipeline Inspection

We’ll perform a monthly deep dive into your deals, analyzing the dark corners of your CRM to find neglected deals hiding in the cracks.

We’ll get them to you while they’re still warm, so your sales team can keep them progressing toward the finish line.

Campaign Creation

We’ll take your content and craft emails that work on all devices and with all email providers.

We’ll run them through a spam trigger audit to make sure they avoid the spam folder.
We’ll add dynamic content so each segment on your list gets a version of the email specific to them, priming you for more clicks on your call to action.
Lastly, we’ll use AI to send your email at the specific time each contact usually checks their mail, so you get the absolute highest open rates possible.
ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

Enjoy ActiveAssist Risk-Free

The best part about ActiveAssist is that you don’t have to wait months to offload your ActiveCampaign duties.

As long as you're still using ActiveCampaign, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to 2X, 5X, and even 10X your ActiveCampaign ROI.

Our current offer for ActiveAssist is £499 per month. (Click here to convert to your currency).

30 Days To Test Drive

We'll give you 30 days to see how valuable ActiveAssist is, without you needing to risk anything.

100% Risk-Free

You can even cancel after the 30 days and get your money back in full.

Easy Cancel

If for whatever reason you don’t feel any closer to ActiveCampaign Zen and ROI, simply send us an email at hello@activeengine.io and we’ll send back every penny (yes, even after the 30 days of work is complete).

Best Value



Per month

Unlimited Tasks
Monthly Account Audit
Monthly Performance Report
Ongoing Optimization
Expert Maintenance

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